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    If you know how to make a classic cocktail, you know how to make it a zero proof cocktail with
    Ritual. It’s as easy as 1:1. But if you’re looking for some inspiration, you’ve come to the right place!

    Tommy Margarita
    Ritual Boulevardier
    Jungle Bird
    Aperitif Sour
    Italian Greyhound Spritz
    Aperitif Coconut Margarita
    Tequila Grapefruit Mule
    Paper Plane
    Ritual Spritz
    Ritual Negroni
    Cold Fashioned
    Don't Miss a Beet
    Holiday Tequila Punch
    Nice List
    Spicy Toddy
    Holiday Table Highball
    Winter Break
    Flannel Daiquiri
    Dark Seas
    Them Apples
    Cozy Highball
    Betty Buzz Dark Mojito
    Betty Buzz Gin & Tonic
    Betty Buzz Paloma
    Betty Buzz Whiskey & Ginger
    The Good Sun
    Strawberry Lemonade Gin & Tonic
    Full Stop
    Off Season Piña Colada
    Christmas Buck
    Spiced Cranberry Margarita
    Pomegranate Mexican Mule
    Hot Toddy
    Cranberry Gimlet
    Maple Old Fashioned
    NY Sour
    Rum Hot Chocolate (Serves 2)
    Egg Nog with Rum (Serves 2)
    Pomegranate Martini
    Now You Kiwi
    Matcha Island
    Whiskey Peach Smash
    Rum Julep
    Fruit Cart
    Strawberry & Basil Fields
    Former Glory
    Tropical Daiquiri
    Moscow Mule
    Peychaud’s Style Aromatic Bitters Recipe
    Angostura Style Aromatic Bitters Recipe
    Aromatic Bitters Recipe
    Digestive Bitters Recipe
    Mole Bitters Recipe
    Rhubarb Bitters Recipe
    Cherry Bitters Recipe
    Cardamom Bitters Recipe
    Lavender Bitters Recipe
    Chocolate Bitters Recipe
    Black Walnut Bitters Recipe
    Celery Bitters Recipe
    Orange Bitters Recipe
    Prickly in Pink
    Lei Away
    Mr. Bali Hai
    Mai Tai
    Dust Bowl Punch
    Demerara Simple Syrup Recipe
    Raspberry Simple Syrup Recipe
    Passion Fruit Simple Syrup Recipe
    Simple Syrup Recipe
    Honey Simple Syrup Recipe
    Candy Cane Simple Syrup Recipe
    Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe
    Cinnamon Simple Syrup Recipe
    Rhubarb Simple Syrup Recipe
    Mint Simple Syrup Recipe
    Lavender Simple Syrup Recipe
    Mango Simple Syrup Recipe
    Banana Simple Syrup Recipe
    Orange Infused Simple Syrup Recipe
    Sage Simple Syrup Recipe
    Sweet Tea Simple Syrup Recipe
    Cardamom Simple Syrup Recipe
    Pineapple-Ginger Simple Syrup Recipe
    Cranberry-Honey Simple Syrup
    Pumpkin Spice Simple Syrup Recipe
    Vanilla Simple Syrup Recipe
    Jazmin de noche
    Trampled By Horses
    Breeze Blocks
    Rum Old Fashioned
    Watermelon Cloud
    Spicy Mango Margarita
    Anchors Up
    Rum Horchata Latte
    Pink Punch
    La Terraza
    Hoppy Highball
    Blood Orange Grog
    Salted Banana Daiquiri
    Armchair Detective
    Espresso Mintini
    Be Mine G&T
    Orange Hot Toddy
    'Tis the Season Toddy
    The Cozy Blanket
    Candy Cane Swizzle
    Yuletide Mule
    Blood Orange Saffron DRY-Rita⁠
    Rise & Shine
    Rum Hot Chocolate
    Rum Egg Nog
    Maple Rum Old Fashioned
    Side Hustle
    Orchard Swizzle
    The Drink Abides
    Maíze Runner
    Hot Toddy
    Apple Cider Spiced Rum
    Grim & Tonic
    Basic Witch
    Death & Axes
    Holiday Rush
    Another Colada
    Stay Classy
    On The Mend
    Coffee Bae Swizzle
    Tiki Buck
    Meet Me At The Porch
    VIP Welcome
    Currently Vibing
    The Slow Life
    Mango Painkiller
    Pack Your Bags
    Sultans of Sling
    The Peppy Paloma
    Pineapple Daiquiri
    Virgin Cosmopolitan
    Virgin Mojito
    Strawberry Gin Smash
    Frozen Tom Collins
    Pineapple Rum Punch
    Ginger Daiquiri
    Kentucky Buck
    Coconut Blackberry Gin Smash
    The Bee’s Knees
    Pineapple Margarita
    Blueberry Gin Sour
    Tequila Piña Colada
    Watermelon Rum Smash
    Rum and Coffee
    Blood Orange Whiskey Smash
    Virgin Piña Colada Recipe
    Rum & Coke
    Rum Punch
    The Smooth Sailor
    The Painless Punch
    Ritual Gin & Tonic
    Ritual Whiskey & Coke
    Holiday Egg Nog
    Mexican Hot Chocolate
    Holiday Fizz
    Pomegranate Ginger Paloma
    Whiskey Bourbon Smash
    The Green Go-Go
    Mexican Mule
    Bloody Maria
    The Matador
    Tequila Sour
    Gin Fizz
    Bloody Mary
    Gin & Juice
    The Last Word
    Bourbon Champagne Cocktail
    Mint Julep
    Whiskey Smash
    John Collins
    Darn the Weather
    Sunrise & Shine
    McDowell's Masterpiece
    Magic Apple
    Bitter Raspberry Collins
    Non-Alcoholic Old Fashioned
    OH! Canada
    Ritual Roy
    Whiskey Sour
    Lemon Squeeze
    Doctor's Orders
    Lemon Drop
    Ruby Rose Spritzer
    Espresso Martini
    Lime Squeeze
    Aviation Cocktail: A Non-Alcoholic Classic Cocktail
    Virgin Paloma Recipe
    Heat Wave AKA Spicy Marg
    Virgin Margarita Recipe


    Follow along with our resident mixologists as they take you through some of our favorite Zero Proof and Low-ABV recipes.