Environmental responsibility is one of our core values at Ritual. We could tell you about how we love the outdoors and have children and feel a sense of responsibility to our families, our communities, and society at large. Which are all true. But on a more basic level, we’re people who drink water, breathe air, and live on our one and only planet Earth. We must take care of it.

Here are some choices we make to honor our responsibility as business people who are also human beings:


Sustainable packaging was the first step in our initiative toward becoming the most eco-friendly company in non-alcoholic beverages. From our box to our bottle to our label, we take painstaking care to ensure that every detail is considered through the lens of sustainability.

Our boxes are made of 60% recycled materials.

We use American-produced glass to eliminate the emissions produced by international shipping. We even transitioned to a cap made of sugarcane that’s not only biodegradable, but produced in a carbon negative process – a net positive for the environment.


Another core value of ours – health and safety. We deliver a clean, un-tampered with product that meets the highest standards of quality. That promise requires an adequate seal on our bottles which, at the moment, contains a tiny bit of plastic. Trust us… we’re working on a solution to that, too.

In the meantime, we’ve taken charge of our plastic impact by partnering with CleanHub — an organization on a mission to rid our planet of plastic pollution. CleanHub will collect, sort and recycle enough plastic to completely offset the neck wraps on our bottles. Through this partnership, we stand proudly as a plastic neutral+ company by removing more plastic from the environment than we produce our packaging.



We have repeatedly overhauled our supply chain to minimize waste, reducing distance between our manufacturing and distribution facilities.

One particular data point of emphasis has been our BPG, or bottles delivered per gallon of fuel. We’ve worked with our freight partners to optimize our supply chain’s efficiency, which has led to a

59% increase in BPG and 15,000 gallons
of gasoline saved per year

– eco-friendly improvements that will mean more of the product you love delivered with even lower emissions.

Supercap Eco®️ Bottle Cap

The first zero-carbon-footprint, environmentally-friendly bottle cap closure.

The manufacturing of our bottle caps absorbs a higher quantity of CO2 than the CO2 produced during the entire manufacturing process. In fact, the polyethylene used to produce the cap is entirely natural, green, and recyclable.

The Supercap Eco®️ T-Caps have a below-zero environmental impact.

Carbon Neutral Shipping with Route

When you checkout using Route, each order supports an agroforestry initiative that removes CO2 from the air and promotes a flourishing ecosystem. This offsets the environmental impact of CO2 emissions created when shipping Ritual products.