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Tequila, Gin, Rum, Whiskey, and Aperitif

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Shake up non-alc versions of classics like a margarita, old fashioned, negroni, mojito, or cosmopolitan. Or experiment with juice, tonic and bitters to mix your own freestyle creations. There are endless ways to enjoy the ritual of a great non-alc or low-abv cocktail, and the Ritual Bar Cart Bundle unlocks them all.

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Because you want to cut calories, train harder, or sleep better. Life’s full of moments to go non-alcoholic. And there’s a Ritual for every one of them.

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What’s the best way to try Ritual?

In a cocktail, of course! We don’t recommend drinking Ritual straight or on the rocks, but in a pinch, all our products shine in bubbly water.

It tastes like the real thing! What’s in it?

Ritual is crafted, not distilled — meaning no alcohol ever. Our products are made with natural botanical flavors to create the nose, taste, and bite of liquor. We meticulously source high-quality ingredients to create the desired nuances for each spirit alternative.

So how do you make the stuff?

First, we use all-natural botanical flavors (organic where we can get ‘em). “Botanicals” is a fancy word for “plants”; ours are refined individually to lock in their purest flavor, then carefully blended to create a sophisticated profile. From Siberian pine to Mexican blue agave to American oak, we use the essences that make the spirits you love. The batches are microfiltered, and every bottle is date stamped for freshness. The result is a delicious alternative to delicious originals.

So what do they taste like?

Our Tequila Alternative is tropical and earthy, lending balance and heat to a margarita. Our Whiskey Alternative is soft and smooth, round on the tongue, with a soul-warming finish. Our Gin Alternative is bright and refreshing, with a crisp bite that mixes beautifully. Our Rum Alternative has all the warm vanilla, toasted spice, and velvety decadence of dark rum. Our Aperitif Alternative is bright, bitter, and herbaceous with a spiced citrus finish. 

What about calories? Gluten? Allergens?

Our Gin, Tequila, and Aperitif Alternatives have no calories at all. Our Whiskey and Rum Alternatives have a few (5, to be precise), because, well, whiskey and rum are sweet. That sweetness comes from natural sugars, not unlike the sweetness of traditional whiskey and rum. There’s no gluten. No peanuts or tree-nuts. And again, it's non-alcoholic.

There’s sugar listed on the ingredients, but zero calories. How does that work?

Nutrition labels round calories to the nearest 5, and our Gin, Tequila, and Aperitif Alternatives have about two calories from sugar. Hence, the zero. You’ll probably burn those two in the process of shaking your cocktail, though, if we’re splitting hairs.