Ritual whiskey alternative headline.
A spirit-free Old Fashioned, with oranges and bar accessories, next to a bottle of Ritual non-alcoholic whiskey alternative.
An ice cube dropping into a glass of Ritual spirit-free whiskey alternative, creating a splash, with bar accessories nearby.
A dinner table with chicken, olives, mocktails and a bottle of Ritual spirit-free whiskey alternative.
A dinner tables with vegetables, a non-alcoholic Manhattan mocktail, and a bottle of Ritual spirit-free whiskey.
The ingredients in Ritual zero-proof whiskey include American oak, Madagascar vanilla, sugar floss and mesquite smoke.

Available in 750 ml


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In an Old Fashioned or Manhattan, our all-natural botanicals marry happily with orange, bitters and vermouth. On the rocks, the first thing you might notice is the fragrance of American Oak, sugar floss and vanilla. In a glass by itself, organic peppercorn and hemp carry a pleasant inner warmth. And hey, if you wanna swig it straight from the bottle rock star-style, it’ll play power chords on your tongue.

However you choose to enjoy it (and we’re all about choice) Ritual whiskey alternative delivers the taste and burn of good whiskey, only with no alcohol or morning hangover. It mixes 1:1 in all whiskey cocktails, and you could count its calories on two hands.

So you can stay sharp and still have fun, hit the gym, go to work, be a parent, live your life.

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