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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Non-Alcoholic Manhattan Recipe

Welcome to the timeless elegance of the Manhattan – reimagined. Traditionally, the Manhattan cocktail has been a symbol of sophistication. The perfect Manhattan consists of whiskey, vermouth and a dash of bitters. Originating in the late 19th century, this classic drink has graced the tables of countless bars and evoked the spirit of New York's Manhattan borough, from which it draws its name. Today, we celebrate this iconic blend with a modern twist that’s suitable for everyone!

Ritual Zero Proof’s version of the Manhattan maintains the deep, rich flavors and the smooth, complex profile of the original – but we craft it without the alcohol. Using Ritual Whiskey Alternative, which perfectly captures the essence of traditionally distilled whiskey, our non-alcoholic Manhattan recipe offers a sophisticated option for those who seek the pleasure of a well-mixed drink minus the alcohol.

Whether you're a teetotaler, moderating your alcohol intake or simply curious about mocktails, this non-alcoholic Manhattan ensures that everyone can partake in the ritual and joy of a classic cocktail. Cheers to a new kind of celebration, where the spirit remains high even as the spirits themselves are left behind.

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Why Drink a Non-Alcoholic Manhattan?

Opting for a non-alcoholic Manhattan is more than just a trend; it's a lifestyle choice that accommodates various preferences and needs. Here are five compelling reasons why people might choose to enjoy this classic cocktail without the alcohol:

  1. Health Considerations: many individuals avoid alcohol due to health reasons – whether they're managing a medical condition, taking medications that interact with alcohol or simply focusing on a healthier, lower-calorie lifestyle. A non-alcoholic Manhattan offers the enjoyment of sipping a sophisticated drink without compromising health goals.
  2. Mindful Drinking: embracing the mindful drinking movement, people are increasingly conscious of their alcohol intake. This approach allows for the enjoyment of social settings and the pleasure of a well-crafted cocktail without the effects of alcohol, fostering a greater sense of control and presence.
  3. Inclusive Celebrations: non-alcoholic options ensure that everyone can participate in the celebration, regardless of their drinking preferences. This inclusivity means that those who do not consume alcohol for personal, religious, or health reasons can still raise a glass with something special.
  4. No Risk of Impairment: with zero alcohol content, drinkers can enjoy a night out or a relaxing evening at home without worrying about the potential for impaired judgment or coordination. This makes the Manhattan mocktail a safe choice, particularly when driving or needing to remain alert.
  5. Curiosity and Flavor Exploration: the world of non-alcoholic spirits has grown immensely, offering complex and nuanced flavors that rival their alcoholic counterparts. Experimenting with a Manhattan mocktail recipe (or any of our other non-alcoholic whiskey recipes) allows enthusiasts and connoisseurs to explore these flavors deeply, appreciating the craft behind the drink without the influence of alcohol.

Start Mixing With Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative

Discover the joy of mixing up your own sophisticated, non-alcoholic Manhattan with Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative. Whether crafting a cozy evening indoors or hosting a grand soirée, Ritual provides the perfect foundation for a memorable mocktail experience. With its rich, full-bodied flavor that closely mimics traditional whiskey, you can create exquisite drinks that impress without a drop of alcohol. Start your Ritual today – it's time to celebrate every moment alcohol-free. Cheers to healthier choices and inclusive gatherings!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Non-Alcoholic Manhattan Mocktails

Have questions about our non-alcoholic Manhattan recipe? Check out the answers to our most frequently asked questions below.

What is a non-alcoholic Manhattan?

A non-alcoholic Manhattan (also known as a virgin Manhattan) is a cocktail that replicates the taste of a traditional Manhattan but contains little to no alcohol. In the case of Ritual Zero Proof, these mocktails are made with no alcohol at all.

How do I make a non-alcoholic Manhattan taste like the real thing?

To achieve a taste similar to a traditional Manhattan, you have to use a high-quality, non-alcoholic spirit substitute like Ritual Whiskey Alternative. Adjusting the balance of sweetness and bitters, as well as experimenting with different types of non-alcoholic vermouth or alternatives like unsweetened red grape juice, can also enhance the flavor.

Can I use any type of bitters in a non-alcoholic Manhattan?

Yes, you can use any type of bitters in a non-alcoholic Manhattan. Aromatic bitters or orange bitters are popular choices (for a low-proof Manhattan). Non-alcoholic bitters will also provide complexity and depth similar to alcoholic Manhattans.

Where can I find non-alcoholic whiskey for a Manhattan mocktail?

Ritual Zero Proof Whiskey Alternative can be found at retail stores and liquor stores nationwide! Use our Store Locator Map to find a location near you or simply place an order here on our website to have our whiskey substitute shipped right to you.



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