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Among the wide world of classic cocktails, one may arguably reign supreme (at least among whiskey cocktails): the Old Fashioned. Popularized in more recent years as the signature cocktail of Don Draper in AMC’s Mad Men, the Old Fashioned is a simple and delicious cocktail with a history as rich as the whiskey it’s made with. Primarily made with some kind of sweetener, Angostura bitters, and whiskey, this drink can be made as quickly or as delicately as one would like. 

Problematically, as tasty as the sugar or simple syrup can make your drink, a few of these sweet drinks can lead to a not-insignificant hangover. 

This is where Ritual Zero Proof comes in; all of our drinks are made with specially selected, premium botanical ingredients that create products like our Whiskey Alternative that look, smell, and taste like regular whiskey, but without any alcohol. This means you can enjoy one of your favorite drinks as a mocktail with significantly fewer calories and zero (or reduced amounts of) alcohol! 

By using our non-alcoholic whiskey either by itself or in addition to regular whiskey, you can make a non-alcoholic old fashioned/mocktail old fashioned, or even a weaker old fashioned. This could be great for situations where you want to enjoy an all-time favorite drink without worrying too much about how you’ll feel the next day. 

In this piece, we’ll break down how to make a non-alcoholic whiskey old fashioned, why someone might want to experiment with an old fashioned mocktail, and some scenarios this drink pairs perfectly with. 

How to make an old fashioned without alcohol 

This is one of our original mocktail recipes and a great place for any whiskey lover with their first bottle of Ritual whiskey alternative to begin. The concept couldn’t be easier: make an Old Fashioned exactly how you normally do, only substitute Ritual for whatever whiskey you typically use. Boom. Done. Zero-proof cocktail perfection. However, if you’re looking for a recipe, here’s one that works well for us. Cheers!

2 oz. Ritual Whiskey Alternative

1-2 dashes Angostura or NA aromatic bitters

1/4 oz. of simple syrup

Garnish: orange 

Saturate the sugar cube with bitters or add to simple syrup. Add a dash of plain water. Muddle and mix. Add ice and Ritual whiskey alternative. Stir. Garnish with an orange slice and cherry. Serve in an old fashioned glass.

Why drink an alcohol-free old fashioned? 

There are plenty of great reasons why someone might want to drink a virgin old fashioned. For starters, many of our customers tend to be more physically active, dedicating time to the gym to keep their bodies in tip-top shape. The reality is that alcohol can be very damaging to the body, including everything from how your organs function to the quality of sleep you get at night. One night of intense drinking can lead to significant damage that the body will feel for days at a time. And that’s to say nothing of the drunk food you might eat after you’re intoxicated! This is a primary reason why our customers choose Ritual Zero Proof time and again; it’s hard to get active if you spend the whole day on your couch! By mixing in an old fashioned without alcohol or at least making a weaker old fashioned mocktail, you can still enjoy the great taste of an old fashioned with no alcohol, without worrying about what the alcohol and sugar will do to your body. 

There are also many more personal reasons why someone might choose to try an old fashioned mocktail recipe. Those who have histories of alcoholism in their families might want to try an old fashioned mocktail so that they can enjoy the flavors of our Whiskey Alternative without worrying about the consequences of alcohol. Others who are religiously devout or have personal objections to consuming alcohol might similarly want to enjoy an alcohol-free old fashioned for the flavors and aromas without breaking their commitment to a sober lifestyle. 

Drinking less alcohol also has a variety of other benefits; you’re more likely to save money, both from expensive drinks and the junk food you might otherwise consume. You’ll also save yourself a lot of calories from those same two sources of calorically dense indulgences. Plus, less booze means you’re more likely to get a better night’s sleep and wake up feeling better in the morning! 

Of course, one can enjoy a mock old fashioned in-between regular mixed drinks as a way to keep themselves from becoming too intoxicated during a night out on the town! 

Ideal settings to try a non-alcoholic whiskey recipe

So when exactly are the right times/places to sample a mocktail old fashioned? 

When it’s mid-December and you’re preparing for a night on the town with some friends. Maybe it’s a company holiday party or a winter wedding. Everyone is dressed to the nines and it’s starting to snow outside. Throw a record on the record player, mix up a few old fashioned mocktails, and get ready to surprise your guests with a virgin old fashioned that’ll taste great and won’t intoxicate them before heading out for the night. 

Maybe it’s a special date night in with your significant other? Treat them to our non-alcoholic old fashioned recipe and try not to smile too broadly as you blow them away with your mixology skills. 

There is also the time-honored tradition of enjoying a drink by yourself. This could be a perfect time to try a non-alcoholic whiskey recipe so that you can enjoy the smells and tastes of a mock old fashioned without worrying about accidentally getting intoxicated by yourself. 

Of course, there are plenty of more obvious scenarios where a non-alcohol old fashioned could be enjoyed. Maybe it’s a Thursday afternoon happy hour with some coworkers, and you know you have a long night ahead of you. Maybe it’s Friday night, and you know Saturday morning comes early. Either way, there’s no bad time to either enjoy a mocktail old fashioned mocktail or to use our old fashioned mocktail recipe with a shot of regular whiskey to make a weaker drink! 

Get ready to impress your friends, family, and yourself with our easy-to-follow mocktail old fashioned recipe. 

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