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Non-Alcoholic Cocktails

Angostura Style Aromatic Bitters Recipe

One of the original bitters profiles, the spices and scents found in angostura bitters appear in a variety of common cocktails, including the Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

1 Teaspoon gentian root

1/4 Cup cinchona bark, chopped

1/2 Cup whole cloves

1/4 Cup whole cardamom

6-8 Sticks of cinnamon

2 Tablespoons whole allspice berries

400 ml or 13.5 oz of Everclear (or grain liquor)

2 to 4 cups of water for dilution

Place the gentian and cinchona in one jar and all spices in another. Divide the Everclear evenly between the jars. Seal and shake the jars, and test the scent every day or so. Allow the ingredients to infuse for about four to six days, checking for a balanced scent.


750 ml | 25.4 fl oz
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