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Refreshing Baby Shower <br> Gift Ideas

Remember your best friends that just got married not so long ago? Well, a cute little invite just arrived in the mail saying those two are expecting a kid of their own, and they’ve invited you to the baby shower! 

What on earth do you bring to a baby shower though?

Liquor is almost always a great present idea, but those two are about to be parents of an infant; the mother-to-be can’t drink and dad obviously wants to be supportive. So what’s something that shows you know your friends, won’t break the bank, and would be appropriate for folks expecting a child?

Ritual to the Rescue
Enter Ritual Zero Proof. Ritual crafts alternatives to your favorite spirits like tequila, gin, whiskey and rum, but without any alcohol. No alcohol means no hangover, no harmful or intoxicating chemicals (making it safe for Mom), and no compromise.

Nine months can be a very long time, but that time can go a little smoother with a few of her favorites. Plus, all Ritual liquor replacements are made with few, or no calories, so zero proof cocktails can be enjoyed entirely guilt-free.

Let’s talk about a few of the instances where a well-deserved mocktail might be the perfect gift for two parents expecting a little one.

Ritual Gin Alternative
Summer is almost here, and expecting parents deserve to enjoy the fun in the sun of the warmer months. Enjoy this warm weather favorite all day long without any of the nasty side effects of traditional liquor, but with all of the flavors you have come to expect and enjoy.

Our favorite occasions and ways to enjoy this? Wrap up a round of golf with a crisp, refreshing, alcohol-free Orange Grapefruit Bellini. Long summer afternoon with the family? Serve a crowd-pleasing Grim & Tonic that everyone can enjoy. And lest we forget, all parents (especially new parents) deserve to enjoy a night out on the town when Grandma and Grandpa can watch the baby. Class up a parents’ night out with a non-alcoholic Espresso Martini and start the night on the right foot. 

Ritual Tequila Alternative
A baby on the way is no excuse to miss out on Taco Tuesday! Sometimes, life gives us perfect pairings that work in unrivaled harmony. What Taco Tuesday would be complete without an ice-cold All Day Margarita

This tequila alternative is made without the alcohol or calories one normally associates with tequila, meaning you’ll have some extra room for that second basket of chips and salsa.

The parents-to-be can drink as much or as little as they like without worrying that the last margarita or paloma will be the one that makes tomorrow hurt. How many tequila drinkers can say that?

Ritual Rum Alternative
If you talk to any parent, they’ll often tell you they need a vacation.

Children bring so much joy! Yet pouring your heart and soul into your kiddos also comes at the expense of time and energy for you. You wouldn’t trade it for the world, but you most definitely deserve a vacation now and again.   

What if you could take a little vacation much sooner and much more often than you planned?

Parents-to-be can set sail whenever they want with a baby shower gift of Ritual’s handcrafted Rum Alternative. Delicious NA Mojitos and Daiquiris are just a few ingredients away. Enjoy the vanilla, ripe fruit and toasted spice flavors of the Caribbean. Close your eyes and you’re there!

Ritual Whiskey Alternative
Let’s be brutally honest for a moment. As exciting as a new baby is, it also presents a very significant, life-altering change for both of the parents. A realization that your life is no longer about yourself, that for the rest of your life, your priority is providing, protecting, and caring for the small bundle of joy you bring into this world.

That’s a heavy weight to carry on one’s shoulders.

Contemplate this next step in life with the comforting warmth of our whiskey alternative. This NA beverage is low-calorie with all the smoky, caramel flavors one expects from their favorite whiskey. Put on your favorite music, sink into your favorite chair, and settle in for a night of New Fashioneds.

The Joys of Parenthood
It is also important to remember that plenty of expecting parents choose not to drink for religious, personal, or ethical reasons, and intend to raise their children with similar expectations and foundations. The good news is that all of these spirit alternatives have no alcohol, which means absolutely no compromise to religious or personal obligations. Having a great time enjoying delicious beverages can now be a physically, mentally, and spiritually guilt-free experience.

Roll up to the baby shower with a wrapped gift in hand and confidence in your heart, knowing your friends will appreciate your thoughtful and conscientious present.

Check out Ritual today and indulge in the beauty of high-quality spirit alternatives!

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