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Everything You Need to Know About Mocktails

Everything You Need to Know About Mocktails

You may be hearing more buzz lately about drinks called “mocktails”. Perhaps at a recent dining experience a friend asked to see the mocktail list. Maybe an expectant mother at your party requested that you make a mocktail instead of a margarita as she journeys through her pregnancy. No matter what the context is, mocktails have become very popular. As a result, the number of mocktail recipes and level of mixology behind them is greater than ever before.

Truth be told, there are actually two types of mocktails offered today. What some call mocktails are simply a quick combination of fruit juices and sodas with no attempt made at more advanced mimicking of the inspired cocktail. For others, mocktails take the concept a step further by incorporating non-alcoholic spirits to add a layer of flavor and complexity.

While many people enjoy these two different approaches to making mocktails, for some people there is still much to be desired. There’s no denying mocktails are becoming increasingly popular. As a result, the number of mocktail recipes and level of mixology behind them is greater than ever before.

In this article we discuss everything you need to know about mocktails including their top ten benefits and a delicious mocktail recipe you can enjoy with friends. First, let’s take a look at what mocktails are and a mocktail checklist that won’t let you down!

What is a Mocktail?

A mocktail is a non-alcoholic drink that is created to be similar to a cocktail. Everything from the ingredients (except the alcohol) to the appearance makes a mocktail look almost identical to the cocktail it has been inspired by. In this sense, mocktails can be thought of as alcohol-free alcohol drinks.

Mocktails serve a variety of purposes including nights when you simply don’t feel like consuming alcohol, or for pacing yourself during an extended social gathering. Many cocktail bars will offer mocktails on their regular drink menus. These mocktails enjoy the same mixology preparation and passion as cocktails do. When all is said and done, the mocktail that you receive will be essentially the same as a regular cocktail—the only difference is that there isn’t any alcohol in it.

Your Trusted Mocktail Checklist

Whether you’re enjoying happy hour at an upscale cocktail bar or simply having some friends and family over to your house, a great mocktail should always have these characteristics:

  • You should strive to create your mocktail so that it accurately replicates the original inspired cocktail as closely as possible. For example, a non-alcoholic gin and tonic shouldn’t just be tonic and lime. You must incorporate the botanical and herbal depth of gin flavoring for it to convincingly portray a gin and tonic.
  • It’s presented in the appropriate glass traditionally used for the cocktail (i.e.: a martini glass for an espresso martini).
  • It contains fresh and delicious ingredients such as fruit and juice, which create unique, delightful flavors.
  • It has all the relevant finishing touches such as rimming sugar, salt, or garnishes.
  • Proper mixology techniques and cocktail equipment were used to ensure the mocktail is as similar to the inspired cocktail as possible.

Top 10 Benefits of Mocktails

Diet Friendly

Depending on the ingredients that are used, mocktails can be a great option for people who are trying to lose weight. Alcohol is high in calories and breaks down into sugar after it’s consumed. Since some mocktails use zero calorie alcohol alternatives, those calories and sugars can be avoided. Plus, the ingredients that accompany the alcohol alternatives in mocktails can also be zero calorie and low sugar ingredients. Mocktails can also be a great option for people who need to closely monitor their sugar levels such as those with diabetes.

No Hangover

Believe it or not, your body considers the ethanol in alcohol to be toxic. As a result, the day after drinking can leave your body feeling pretty lousy. You may even experience nausea, headaches, and dehydration. By drinking mocktails, you are removing the ethanol from the equation and avoiding a hangover overshadowing your day.

Doesn’t Affect Sleep

Alcohol disrupts your sleep cycle. Consuming alcohol in the evening can cause you to wake up throughout the night. As a result, you’re less rested the next day. Mocktails, on the other hand, can use ingredients such as herbal tea which may help you fall and stay asleep.

Crush Your Workouts

For many of us, physical fitness is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, the alcohol found in cocktails leads to unwanted negative impacts on the level of performance in your workouts. With mocktails, you can still have a satisfying drink and wake up and crush your fitness routine the next day.

Can Still Be Sociable

If you’re at an event and most people are drinking alcohol, mocktails provide a way for everyone to feel that they are a part of the experience even if they are not drinking alcohol. This allows everyone to feel comfortable because the social pressure for those not drinking alcohol is removed.

Nutritional Value

Depending on how mocktails are prepared, they can be not just delicious, but beneficial to your health in and of themselves.. When ingredients such as fresh fruit juices and teas are used in mocktails they provide antioxidants and other key vitamins and minerals.

Avoid Poor Decision Making

Alcohol can affect our personalities by decreasing social apprehension and personal inhibitions. As a result, alcohol can negatively affect our judgment, make us more aggressive, and increase our chances of doing something we’ll later regret. With mocktails, you experience positive social benefits while avoiding  poor decision making.

A Designated Driver You Can Count On

 Ride-sharing apps are increasingly relied upon to avoid drinking and driving. However,  they’re not guaranteed to always be available when needed. If you’re out with friends and someone has to drive, it’s vital that there is a designated driver who is sober. With mocktails, the person you designate as the driver can still enjoy some amazing beverages and be completely sober to drive at the end of the night.

Maintaining Religious Priorities

Many people do not drink alcohol because of religious commitments. Some religions even prohibit alcohol consumption altogether. For these people, circumstances may arise when they have to attend a social gathering where alcohol is served. In these situations, mocktails provide an option for those who want to maintain their religious priorities and still be sociable.

Ritual Makes Any Cocktail Easy, Delicious, and Non-Alcoholic

Here at Ritual, we’re moving the concept of a mocktail a giant leap forward.

Even amongst non-alcoholic spirits, Ritual is unique because of its ability to capture the true flavors of classic spirits, without alcohol. While other brands struggle to  make non-alcoholic versions of classic cocktails like a gin and tonic, margarita, or old fashioned, we capture the flavor and experience of the original

Ritual provides an easy way to create a mocktail with rich depth and complexity, but without the alcohol. For example, our Ritual Gin Alternative brings lively botanical notes accented by cucumber and sharpened by juniper. With this  complex  blend of botanicals, any non-alcoholic cocktail  is enhanced with just a couple ounces of Ritual.

A Delightful Mocktail Recipe Your Friends Will Enjoy

Are you ready to give mocktail mixology a try? There’s no better way to start than with Ritual Zero Proof’s very own All Day Margarita!

Our non-alcoholic margarita mocktail is a deliciously refreshing take on this classic cocktail.

We start with 2 oz. of our Ritual Tequila Alternative, which is a non-alcoholic tequila alternative that packs the same flavor as the tequila you’re used to tasting. We also use fresh orange juice, which serves as a great substitute for triple sec.

Feel free to make it frozen or on the rocks, whichever you prefer!

  •   2 oz. Ritual Tequila Alternative
  •   1 oz. orange juice
  •   1 oz. fresh lime juice
  •   1/2 oz. simple syrup
  •   Lime slice or wedge

Combine all the ingredients in a shaker with ice and shake thoroughly. Pour into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lime slice or wedge. Enjoy!

Are you interested in more mocktail recipes that your friends and family can enjoy together? You’ve come to the right place.

Ready to shop for your next delicious spirit alternative? We have everything you need at Ritual Zero Proof ready to ship to you today!


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