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A Zero Proof Toast To <br> Your Wellness

August is National Wellness Month – a time for us to take stock of our thoughts, emotions, and overall mental wellbeing. We often find ourselves on autopilot with certain routines and habits that may negatively impact our mental wellbeing. Excessive alcohol consumption is one such habit that can wreak havoc on our minds from various angles. With a healthier alternative like Ritual, we can enjoy a more balanced, energetic and peaceful state of mind that impacts every facet of our lives. Here are a few of the major mental health benefits you’ll enjoy when you swap out your full proof cocktail for a Ritual cocktail:

Lose The Hangover
We’ve all found ourselves in a poor mental state after a long night of cocktails. But the mental fog from excessive alcohol consumption isn’t just an acute hungover state. It’s a chronic condition that can contribute to depression, anxiety, memory loss, dementia, and learning problems. Thankfully, the solution is as easy as a break from the hard stuff.

Sleep Like A Baby
Sure, alcohol makes it easy to crash – but it also disrupts your circadian rhythm, preventing the body from entering the most restorative sleep phase. Studies show that more than two servings for men and one for women decrease sleep quality by a whopping 39.2%. Operating at 60% sucks. When you opt for a nonalcoholic alternative, you maximize your REM sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on the day.

Feel Part Of The Party
Ever go to a party and decide to take a break from alcohol for the event? Everyone has a drink in hand. Holding, swirling, sipping — they have something to punctuate a moment between gregarious laughter… or awkward pauses. Meanwhile, you’re wondering, what should I do with my right hand? Pocket? Hip? Soda? But swap in a non-alcoholic cocktail and you suddenly feel a part of the action. And you don’t just have a glass of something, either. You have a satisfying cocktail that elevates the whole experience. No more club soda blues, or unwanted questions... at least as they relate to your drink.


Ready to give Ritual a try? Take the plunge.

Your future self will thank you.


Enjoy A Natural Buzz
Our brains are hardwired to reward themselves. Frequently, that takes the form of a cocktail. But that doesn’t really mean we want the alcohol — slower thought, slurred speech, false confidence — we want the experience. The ritual (wink wink) – of preparing and measuring, shaking and straining, holding and sipping. In fact, people often report that after a few sips of a Ritual cocktail, they feel more relaxed, looser, more fun. Science!

Find A Sense Of Balance
Research shows that consumers of non-alcoholic products typically fall into one of two categories — those who celebrate a sober lifestyle and those who are trying to cut back. The majority of us fall into the latter group, and don’t want to swear off alcohol entirely. So, how do we find a happy middle ground? It’s all about incremental change.

According to psychologists, major lifestyle changes are best done in small ways that allow you to gradually develop new habits and accomplish smaller, more realistic goals. So, as we pursue more balanced drinking, we’re hanging on to what’s familiar and comfortable – the taste and experience of a great cocktail – while reducing the alcohol. Turns out, you can have your cocktail and drink it, too.

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