Do Bitters Contain Alcohol? A Guide to Non-Alcoholic Bitters

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Do bitters contain alcohol?

Anyone who has ever enjoyed or made a cocktail probably knows how non-alcoholic bitters can impact a drink’s balance and complexity. But not everyone who has had the opportunity to enjoy them knows what they are. This may be the first time you’ve heard the term “non-alcoholic bitters.”

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a brief but in-depth guide to bitters and their role in the cocktail world.

What in the World are Non-Alcoholic Bitters?

Simply put, bitters, also called non-alcoholic bitters, are spirits mixed or infused with spices and herbs designed to create a new flavor profile that enhances a cocktail. Ingredients include neutral alcohol and various fruits, spices, botanicals, herbs, and more. If you have ever made an Old Fashioned or a Manhattan, you are probably familiar with Angostura bitters. Peychaud’s is another popular style. But bitters come in many styles.

Bitters Have a Little Alcohol… So What?

People choose not to drink for several reasons; maybe they prioritize fitness as a lifestyle, don’t enjoy the hangover and sleep deprivation after a night out, or simply choose not to drink for personal or moral reasons. Fortunately, Ritual Zero Proof makes premium non-alcoholic spirits that allow people to enjoy their favorite drinks without the adverse side effects of alcohol.

Neutral alcohol is one of the key ingredients in almost any kind of bitter. But for those who don’t drink – like, not even a drop – it can be difficult to make 100% non-alcoholic “mocktail” versions of classic drinks that utilize bitters.

Enter Glycerin-Based Bitters…

A few options are out on the market, but the best alternatives are glycerin-based bitters. Glycerin is a kind of carbohydrate known as polyol, which naturally occurs in fermented foods and drinks (think naturally sweet like honey). By using glycerin and other botanicals as a base combined with Ritual Zero Proof liquor alternative, one can enhance the flavors of their cocktails the way they might with traditional bitters, but with absolutely zero compromise and zero alcohol.

Can I Make Non-Alcoholic Bitters at Home?

Yes, you can make your own bitters at home, but for those who prefer them with absolutely zero alcohol, you will want to defer to the internet as a resource. You will need to consider the kinds of drinks you would like to make, which Ritual Spirit Alternative you will need, and what flavor profiles you would like to enjoy, and then acquire the necessary ingredients. YouTube is an excellent resource, and a quick Google search can help you match the right plants with suitable sugars to get your recipe just right.

I Have My Non-Alcoholic Bitters… Now What?

Now it’s time for the fun part! Grab your favorite bottle of Ritual, grab your bitters and garnishes, and start crafting your signature cocktail. Much like food, a drink is meant to be experimented with, exploring various flavor profiles until you find something you enjoy. If you’re looking for a great place to start, head to our cocktails page and check out some great recipes!

Remember, you will need a zero-proof alcohol to accompany your alcohol-free bitters. Ritual Zero Proof Spirit Alternatives utilize premium botanicals to replicate your favorite spirits' flavors and smells. They even have a bite that mimics the burn of alcohol! Whether you live an active lifestyle and prefer not to miss a training day or abstaining for the long-term, Ritual lets you enjoy your favorite cocktails.

Frequently Asked Questions About Non-Alcoholic Bitters

What are non-alcoholic bitters made of?

Non-alcoholic bitters are typically made from aromatic herbs, spices, bark, roots, and fruit peels infused with alcohol. These ingredients are carefully selected and combined to create unique flavor profiles.

What are non-alcoholic bitters good for?

Non-alcoholic bitters are primarily used as a flavoring agent in cocktails. They add complexity and depth to drinks, enhancing their overall taste. Bitters can also be used to stimulate the appetite and aid in digestion when consumed in small quantities.

How to make non-alcoholic bitters?

To make non-alcoholic bitters, you can follow a process similar to traditional bitters but skip the alcohol infusion. Instead, use a non-alcoholic base such as glycerin or vinegar to extract flavors from herbs, spices, and other botanicals. This results in bitters with complex flavors suitable for non-alcoholic cocktails and beverages.

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