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why redux

Non-alcoholic? Okay. So, umm... why?

Because choices are great. Because there are lots of ways to mark a moment. Because you’ve had two cocktails and want to stay out, but have **** to do tomorrow. Because you don’t feel like piling on the calories. Because you can mix it with liquor for low-ABV cocktails. Because there’s a baby in your belly. Because you’re training for a marathon but don’t want to give up your evening ritual. Because you should be able to enjoy something better than club soda. 

Because it’s about time.

So you guys are teetotaler types?

We don’t see anything weird about not drinking. But no, we’re not. We love liquor. We have extensive whiskey collections, can wax rhapsodic about the botanical notes of different gins, and are no strangers to a neat reposado. Ritual is about abundance. Our watchword is “More.” More taste, more options, more life.

Yeah, okay, but it can’t really taste the same.

No two gins have the same profile. Scotch is different than rye. Bourbon is all over the map. Blanco, reposado, and añejo are worlds unto themselves.

Ritual has captured much of the taste and smell of real tequila, real gin, and real whiskey. And it has the heat you need as the foundation of a proper drink, something with integrity and soul.

Talk to me about that.

What gives a cocktail substance is the sensation, mouthfeel, and viscosity of liquor. Ritual echoes that experience, only without alcohol or calories.

And it wasn’t easy. It’s a complicated blend of botanicals that dance together. Our recipes took hundreds of iterations and more than a year of active development.

Our tequila alternative is tropical and earthy, lending balance and heat to a margarita. Our whiskey alternative is soft and smooth, round on the tongue, with a soul-warming finish. Our gin alternative is bright and refreshing, with a crisp bite that mixes beautifully.

So it's mad science.

Closer to mad cooking. Ninja-style chef work. Ritual is made with all-natural botanical flavors, not unpronounceable chemicals. That’s why we list them right on the bottle. We care about what our food is made of, and where it comes from. From Siberian pine to Mexican blue agave to American oak, we’re using the essences that make the spirits you love.

Sorry, not letting it go. How do you actually make this?

Under a full moon, when unicorn blood is at its most savory…

First, we use all-natural botanical flavors (organic where we can get ‘em). “Botanicals” is a fancy word for “plants”; ours are distilled individually to lock in their purest flavor, then carefully blended to create a sophisticated profile. The batches are microfiltered, and every bottle is date stamped for freshness. The result is a delicious alternative to delicious originals.

You’re saying I won’t be able to tell the difference?

Sure, the same way you can tell the difference between a Tesla and a Toyota, between a primo veggie burger and a cow. But at the end of the day, both deliver terrific experiences. Now you just have the choice.

How do I use it?

That’s the great part. We’re not some made-up flavor. You don’t have to buy exotic mixers or reeducate yourself on what’s in your glass.

You use our gin alternative the way you use gin. You swap our tequila alternative into your favorite margarita recipe. If you know how to make an Old Fashioned, now you can make a non-alcoholic version with our whiskey alternative.

Pour it neat, splash it on the rocks, mix it with tonic or juice. Or go nuts and make an elaborate ten-touch cocktail that will blow your hair back.

Wait a second. I just drank some with my buddy, and we both feel a little giddy.

Ain’t placebo effects grand? Between the hard-wired reward-response mechanism of our brain, and our enjoyment of things served in cocktail glasses, Ritual very often makes people feel like they’ve been drinking. Talk about a bug turning into a feature…

But it’s really got no downside?

Only if you consider choice and clarity downsides.

What about calories? Gluten? Allergens?

A full pour of liquor has about 100 calories. The same pour of our tequila alternative or gin alternative has none at all.

Our whiskey alternative has a few (10, to be precise), because, well, whiskey is sweet. That sweetness comes from natural sugars, not unlike the sweetness of traditional whiskey.

There’s no gluten. No peanuts or tree-nuts. And again, it's non-alcoholic.


So can I drink this if I’m doing INSERT YOUR DIET HERE?

Probably. Ritual has (almost) none of the empty calories of alcohol, so even if it doesn’t fit someone else’s specific regimen, it’s hard to argue against the benefits.

Wait. Is this like wine, I need to drink the whole bottle or dump it?

Nope. Ritual is good for six months after opening.


I’m in recovery. Can I drink this?

That’s a very personal decision.

Ritual is not a spirit with the alcohol removed. However, we worked as hard as we could to make these resemble traditional spirits.

Everyone has their own recovery process, and literally the last thing we would want is for our product to serve as a trigger. That’s the opposite of what we’re about.


So the best we can say is, you do you.

Who are you? You keep talking to me like you’re a person.

We are. Ritual was founded by three friends (two of whom share a bed and a child). We’re entrepreneurs and artists, foodies who work out, parents who love a drink.

Headquartered in Chicago, our recipes and products are a labor of love.


More details here if you like, or feel free to drop us an email.


Yes we do returns!

Was your Ritual Zero Proof damaged in shipping? That’s not cool. Please email us within 14 days of receiving your product. Include a photo of the damage and we will gladly issue a replacement or refund. We will also issue a refund for any unopened product within 14 days of receipt. Still unhappy? Reach out to us and we’ll make it right. info@ritualbeverage.com

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