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    Congratulations on beginning your mindful drinking journey with our friends at Sunnyside!

    Our all-natural spirit alternatives have the flavor and experience of liquor, without the alcohol or calories. Swap Ritual in for traditional spirits to make non-alcoholic versions of your favorite cocktail – like a G&T, old fashioned or margarita. It’s the easiest way to drink less without living less.


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    $32.95   $29.99

    Ritual Tequila Alternative

    1020 Reviews

    The highest rated spirit alternative ever, certified 98/100 Platinum by BTI.

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    Regular price Sale price
    $32.95   $29.99

    Ritual Rum Alternative

    297 Reviews

    Warm vanilla, toasted spice, and the velvety decadence of a dark rum.

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    Regular price Sale price
    $32.95   $29.99

    Ritual Whiskey Alternative

    644 Reviews

    The perfect complement to a good book or a good friend.

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    Regular price Sale price
    $32.95   $29.99

    Ritual Gin Alternative

    510 Reviews

    The only thing more refreshing than a gin cocktail is three gin cocktails.

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