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Alcohol Free Drinks and Alcohol Effecting Mood Ritual Zero Proof Non Alcoholic Spirit Alternative


It probably comes as no surprise that alcohol has an effect on mood. We’ve all felt the euphoric bliss of a night out followed by the hangover of the morning after. But alcohol has even more effects on your mood and overall mental health than you might realize. We’ll break down why cutting back on booze, or eliminating it altogether, is a healthy decision for your emotional wellbeing.

As a depressant, alcohol disrupts the chemical balance in our brains and has a direct impact on normal brain activity. This can lead to those pleasant feelings you might have experienced while drinking, like relaxation or nostalgia -- but only for a time. The more we drink, the more alcohol impacts brain functioning. This is where negative emotions are more likely to take over, like anger, aggression, anxiety or even depression. These unfavorable emotions can have a negative impact on our mental health. As our bodies begin processing the alcohol, the comedown begins -- often resulting in that next day hangover. This can lead to further feelings of depression and anxiety. And if you already struggle with anxiety, the hangover can make symptoms even worse. 

In the long term, regular heavy drinking interferes with the chemistry in the brain responsible for positive mental health. Alcohol can slow down production of brain chemicals that promote energy and mood, like serotonin. This can deplete the body’s natural ability to regulate its mood, and even your potential to feel happy. And if you’re using alcohol as a coping mechanism for anxiety, it will eventually catch up with you, as you rely on more and more alcohol to relax. This can lead to an alcohol dependency that will only worsen the sense of worry.  

Reducing alcohol intake has a ton of benefits on mood and mental health.Studies show that depression can follow from heavy drinking, and that reducing or stopping drinking can improve mood. Drinking less means a boost in energy levels, as you’ll retain the energy-boosting B-vitamins that are depleted by alcohol intake. And with increased energy comes an elevated mood.

You might also experience an overall sense of balance and peace with yourself. One study of over 40,000 people published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2019 found that people who quit drinking experienced a noticeable improvement in overall wellbeing within two years after quitting.

And with Ritual, it’s easier than ever to reduce or eliminate your alcohol intake. With our alcohol-free spirits, you can enjoy the taste of an adult cocktail, without the booze. With Ritual Tequila Alternative, Ritual Gin Alternative, or Ritual Whiskey Alternative in place of liquor, it’s easy to make your go-to beverage, simply substituting Ritual in for the hard stuff. So whip up your favorite NA drink, and raise a glass to improved emotional wellbeing. We’ll drink to that! 


750 ml | 25.4 fl oz
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