The Top Mocktail Bars in the USA

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Best Mocktail Bars in USA

The market for non-alcoholic spirits has grown considerably in recent years to cater to the rising demographic of Americans who have embraced the mindful drinking movement. These individuals want to enjoy a night out with their friends while moderating their alcohol intake. Some like to mix in low-ABV drinks between their full-proof cocktails while others refrain from drinking alcohol all together.

No matter your drinking preference, there are places that you can go to socialize and have fun. There has been a growing number of mocktail bars and non-alcoholic bottle shops popping up throughout the country, offering high quality alcohol alternatives that don’t compromise flavor, authenticity, or sophistication. These establishments allow everyone to get in on the toast and enjoy the flavors of a specially-crafted cocktail, without any of the side-effects of alcohol.

If you’re looking for a night of guilt-free indulgence, Ritual is here to help! We’ve compiled a list of our favorite spots to go for tasty alcohol-free cocktails and spirits. From the bustling streets of New York City to the sunny shores of LA, these are the best mocktail bars and zero-proof stores in the United States:

Spirited Away (New York, New York)

Spirited Away is a Manhattan-based shop that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic with a focus on wellness and socialization. They offer a wide selection of non-alcoholic wines, beers, spirits, and bitters to enjoy as you decompress at the end of the work day.

Third Place Bar NY (New York, New York)

Third Place Bar NYC is a series of alcohol-free pop-up bar events across New York City and Brooklyn for those that are “sober, sober-curious, or just taking a night off from drinking alcohol.” The ‘Third Place’ is an idea first coined by the sociologist Ray Oldenburg to describe places, outside of home, that foster social connections.

AltBar Rochester (Rochester, NY)

Although there are a few Rochester restaurants that offer a limited selection of zero-proof cocktails or NA beer, AltBar was created specifically for those who don’t want alcohol to be the center of their social experience. AltBar has fostered a community through their non-alcoholic bottle shop and pop-up events, and will continue to do so with their new brick & mortar location in North Winton Village.

Bendición Dry Bar (Chicago, IL)

Over in the Windy City (the hometown of Ritual Zero Proof), we have Bendición Dry Bar & Bottle Shop. This non-alcoholic bar is proud to be one of the first Sober Social Spaces in Chicago – a city with Malört and Fernet in its veins.

Ritual Zero Proof mocktails available at Bar Goa Chicago

Bar Goa (Chicago, IL)

Located in the heart of Chicago’s River North neighborhood, Bar Goa is an upscale Indian restaurant and a clubby cocktail bar all in one. Their menu features an array of non-alcoholic cocktails for you to sip on, whether you’re enjoying dinner or taking in the late-night electronic beats.

Whiskey Girl Tavern (Chicago, IL)

If you’re near Edgewater, then you have to stop by Whiskey Girl Tavern! This bar offers warm and inviting vibes, a steady stream of sports on the big screen, and plenty of zero-proof options.

Ritual Zero Proof mocktails available at Cole’s in Los Angeles

Cole’s (Los Angeles, CA)

Known as the oldest public house in Los Angeles and the birthplace of the French Dip sandwich, Cole’s is classic in every sense of the word. Enjoy a hearty meal and an elevated cocktail list (with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic options) at this historic landmark on E 6th Street.

Soft Spirits (Los Angeles, CA)

Soft Spirits is LA’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop. Enjoy a premium assortment of the best dry wines, beers, and spirits from this popular spot in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

Ritual Zero Proof mocktails available at The Mermaid in Los Angeles

The Mermaid (Los Angeles, CA)

Offering seaside-inspired bites and fruity tiki cocktails, The Mermaid is a tropical haven with a charming nautical theme. Dive into the exotic flavors of their cocktails, which includes the Tropical Ritual Margarita (similar to our pineapple margarita recipe).

Ocean Beach Cafe (San Francisco, CA)

As you make your way up the coast you’ll find Ocean Beach Cafe – the first non-alcoholic bar in San Francisco. Located a block from Ocean Beach, this community-driven hub offers tasty eats, fresh coffee, and delicious mocktails. Enjoy sun, sand, and sobriety in the Outer Richmond!

The Teetotalist (Sacramento, CA)

As Sacramento's first alcohol-free bar and social club, The Teetotalist offers a unique and inclusive social experience for people who choose to abstain from alcohol or simply want to explore new and exciting non-alcoholic beverages.

Sipple (Houston, TX)

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the need for alcohol alternatives. Sipple offers a variety of booze alternative options, ranging from non-alcoholic wine and spirits to CBD-infused cocktails. They also host a series of tastings, in-person wellness events, virtual breathwork sessions, and other gatherings.

Tony’s Siesta (San Antonio, TX)

Behind the inconspicuous-looking front walls, Tony’s Siesta is a local treasure. You can expect a great environment, a welcoming group of regulars, and delectable cocktails. And if you’re lucky, you may even get to meet the owner and San Antonio legend – Tony himself.

Sans Bar (Austin, TX)

Introducing the first non-alcoholic bar in North America: Sans Bar. Enjoy an upscale ambiance, an incredible community of people, a great social scene, and (of course) some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails around!

Dear Dry Drinkery (Austin, TX)

Over in the lively East Cesar Chavez district is Dear Dry Drinkery, Austin’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop. Their meticulously chosen inventory of non-alcoholic spirits, wines, and beer caters to the growing demand for high quality alcohol alternatives.

Ritual Zero Proof mocktails available at Taco y Vino in Dallas

Taco y Vino (Dallas, TX)

Two of life’s greatest joys come together at Taco y Vino, a popular bar in Dallas’ Bishop Arts District. They offer a solid selection of non-alcoholic spirits to compliment the exceptional Mexican cuisine. Ritual Margarita, anyone?

Mayer’s Garden (Dallas, TX)

Initially founded in 1881, this open-air beer garden is the welcoming neighborhood hangout you've been looking for. While the original featured a zoo, the current version of Mayer’s Garden surely does the original justice with its energetic and friendly vibes (just without the lions and tigers).

Zilch Bar Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)

Over in the ATL you’ll find Zilch Market & Bar, a safe space for sober curious and non-drinkers to socialize and enjoy non-alcoholic spirits. They provide a fun environment that’s welcome to all, regardless of their drinking preferences.

The Sober Social (Atlanta, GA)

The Sober Social is an elegant speakeasy in downtown Atlanta, crafting unique NA cocktails that are bursting with flavor. These drinks provide you with the same notes (aromas and characteristics) of your favorite alcohol cocktails – all made zero-proof.

Ritual Zero Proof mocktails available at Pizza Lupo in Louisville

Pizza Lupo (Louisville, KY)

Not far from the Ohio River sits Pizza Lupo – one of the best pizza spots in the entire state of Kentucky! In addition to their award winning pizza, this Louisville staple offers a wide selection of beer (with and without alcohol) and a surprisingly robust cocktail menu. We can think of nothing better than a wood-fired Neapolitan pizza and your favorite cocktail in hand.

The Breeze (Louisville, KY)

Located near the Logan Street Market, The Breeze is home to Louisville's biggest and best selection of natural and eclectic wines – which now includes non-alcoholic spirits and cocktails. If you are a zero-proof cocktail enthusiast and a wine-lover, this spot is perfect for you!

Dry Spokes (Omaha, NE)

Dry Spokes is Omaha’s premier non-alcoholic craft cocktail bar. Their mission is to offer quality alcohol-free options by continually learning about new products as they come on the market.

The Volstead by Unity (Philadelphia, PA)

Located on historic Main Street in the City of Brotherly Love, The Volstead is a 100% vegan establishment that serves sustainable foods and zero-proof drinks. Enjoy the kind of food and beverages that would fuel everyone’s favorite boxer.

No & Low (Macomb, Michigan)

No & Low was founded by two brothers who are on a journey to create the best non-alcoholic wines and spirits. Their collection of high quality alcohol alternatives allow you to drink what you want without sacrificing taste or experience.

Better Rhodes (Stamford, CT)

Set in the heart of the American Northeast, Better Rhodes sells premium zero-proof spirits that taste great and align with your wellness goals. From curated wine collections and monthly beer boxes to pre-mixed AF cocktails, they have something for everyone!

Ritual Zero Proof: The Key to Every Great Non-Alcoholic Bar

In addition to being some of the most popular establishments in their respective cities, these places all share a common trait: they all serve Ritual Zero Proof, America’s #1 non-alcoholic spirit. Our zero-proof liquor alternatives offer the same flavors as your favorite spirits with none of the side effects of alcohol. Meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, Ritual helps you mark a moment without compromise so that you never have to miss out on the fun!

If you ever decide to check out one of these bars or shops, make sure you tell them that the folks at Ritual sent you. In the meantime, check out our online store and our free collection of mocktail recipes. Cheers to mindful drinking and inclusive gatherings!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Mocktail Bars

What is a mocktail bar?

A mocktail bar, also known as a non-alcoholic bar or a sober bar, is an establishment that serves non-alcoholic beverages like NA beer and mocktails. These are inclusive environments for adults to hang out and socialize regardless of their drinking preferences. Mocktail bars, like non-alcoholic alternatives, are becoming increasingly popular as more people are moderating their alcohol intake or choose not to drink for personal reasons.

What types of non-alcoholic spirits are available at mocktail bars?

The types of alcohol alternatives available to order at a bar varies by establishment. However, in most cases you should expect a non-alcoholic bar to offer NA beer and carry substitutes for popular liquors such as whiskey, rum, tequila, gin, and aperitif.

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