The Top Mocktail Bars in the USA

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The Top Mocktail Bars in the USA


You work hard. Balancing work, life, family, social obligations…and all of that before factoring in some fun time for yourself and your own interests! At the end of a long week, you deserve to have some fun.

Suppose, however, that you do not have time for a hangover. Or you have a mini marathon tomorrow. Maybe you are expecting, or perhaps choose not to indulge in alcohol for personal or religious reasons.

Choosing not to drink alcohol doesn’t mean you can’t go out and enjoy a great cocktail in your city. A growing number of bars across the country are starting to recognize the growing percentage of Americans who want a fun night out without the booze.

What is a Mocktail Bar?
A Mocktail bar (or sober bar) is an establishment that serves non-alcoholic beverages. These days, you don’t need the intoxicating effects of alcohol to enjoy a delicious beverage. Here are a few of our hand-picked favorites – what some have called the Top Mocktail Bars in America:

Bendición Dry Bar (Chicago, IL)
Bendición Dry Bar & Bottle Shop is proud to be one of the first Sober Social Spaces in Chicago – a city with Malört and Fernet in its veins.

Alt Bar Rochester (Rochester, NY)
While a few Rochester restaurants offer a limited selection of zero-proof cocktails or NA beer, Alt Bar was created for those who want a place where the focus isn't on alcohol but still offers quality cocktails.

Zilch Bar Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
Zilch Market & Bar provides a safe space for sober curious or non-drinkers to purchase non-alcoholic spirits, beer, wine and enjoy craft cocktails in a fun, alcohol-free environment.  

Dry Spokes (Omaha, NE) 
Dry Spokes' mission is to offer quality alcohol-free options by continually learning about new products as they come on the market.

Umbrella Dry Bar (Washington, DC)
Nestled in a thriving accessible section of downtown Raleigh, Umbrella lets you experience the familiarity of a craft cocktail bar and retail bottle shop — without the alcohol.

Dear Dry Drinkery (Austin, TX)
Parked at 603 W. Live Oak Street in Austin, Dear Dry Drinkery is a mobile non-alcoholic bar and bottle shop for, well, dry drinkers.

The Teetotalist (Sacramento, CA)
As Sacramento's first alcohol-free bar and social club, The Teetotalist offers a unique and inclusive social experience for people who choose to abstain from alcohol or simply want to explore new and exciting non-alcoholic beverages.

Third Place Bar NY (New York, New York)
Third Place Bar NYC is a series of non-alcoholic bar events. The “Third Place” is an idea first coined by the sociologist Ray Oldenburg to describe places, outside of home, that foster social connections. 

The Sober Social (Atlanta, GA) 
Sober Socials non-alcoholic cocktails burst with flavor. They provide you with the same notes (aromas and characteristics) of your favorite alcohol cocktails – all made zero proof. 

Sans Bar (Austin, TX)
As Austin’s first sober bar, Sans Bar has created a community offering an event space, elevated zero proof cocktails, wines, and beers.

Umbrella Dry Drinks (Alexandria, VA) 
Choosing to consume a dry drink doesn’t mean missing out on all of the pageantry. Umbrella Dry Drinks offers sophisticated versions of non-alcoholic cocktails for any that choose to stay dry.

Ocean Beach Cafe (San Francisco, CA)
Offering sun, sand, and sobriety, Ocean Beach Cafe is a non-alcoholic bar located a block from Ocean Beach with all delicious eats and (dry) drinks. 

Volstead by Unity (Philadelphia, PA)
Nestled in the heart of the City of Brotherly Love, Volstead serves mocktails with a full menu to boot. Enjoy the kind of food and drinks that would fuel everyone’s favorite boxer. 

Soft Spirits (Los Angeles, CA)
Soft Spirits is the first (of now, many) nonalcoholic bottle shops in Los Angeles. Enjoy a premium assortment of the best dry wines, beers, and spirits to go along with your dinner.

Spirited Away (Buffalo, New York)
Enjoy your favorite wines, beers, spirits, and bitters whenever the temps dip below cold or blow past buffalo-sauce hot.

Boisson (New York, New York)
The City that Never Sleeps can party even later into the night at one of the six locations across New York City. The growingly popular Boisson bottle shop now has locations in California and another coming soon to Miami. 

Sipple (Houston, TX)
Everything is bigger in Texas, including the need for an alcohol alternative. Sipple offers a variety of booze alternative options that will help you keep cool in the Houston heat.

No & Low Inc (Macomb, Michigan)
Sometimes you need something to warm you up during a long winter (or summer) night. Enjoy all the heart-warming feelings of your favorite mocktails with offerings from No & Low Inc!

Better Rhodes (Madison, CT)
Set in the heart of the American Northeast, enjoy an alcohol-free twist on your favorite old fashioned or cider recipes and settle in to enjoy premium flavors, with premium ingredients.

What do they all have in common?
One cool fact about all of these top mocktail bars? They all serve Ritual. Ritual is a zero-proof liquor replacement that gives you all the flavor of your favorite spirits with NONE of the negative side effects of alcohol. Meticulously crafted with the finest ingredients, Ritual helps you mark a moment when alcohol isn’t on the menu (for whatever reason). Sip your Mocktail with confidence knowing Ritual gives a zero-proof alternative to all of your favorite flavors with zero compromise. 

Going out isn’t just for weekends anymore.
Always remember, choosing to drink or not is always your choice, and we recognize that it can be an intensely personal decision. Or not, and that’s kind of the whole point. However you choose to live your life, we want you to be happy in who you are and the decisions you make. Go to one of these top sober bars with pride in your heart and non-alcoholic drinks in your belly. Enjoying good times with great drinks and better company doesn’t have to come at the costs of drinking.

So crush your WOD, nail that mid-week presentation, grab your favorite going-out shirt and hit the town running. Happy Hour can now last even longer, and be enjoyed whenever you want. No more sneaking into the office with your sunglasses still on and a Gatorade in your bag. Live more of your life uninterrupted, with a clean conscience and a cleaner way to celebrate the end of the day. Whether your weekend plans include tailgating, camping, or settling up to your favorite patio, we have you covered.

And if you do decide to check out one of these bars? Tell em’ the folks at Ritual sent you - the dry bar will take care of you.

Curious to learn more about Ritual, and other great ways to enjoy non-alcoholic drinks? Check out our blog and learn how so many around the country and around the world are getting their kicks without getting kicked by a hangover!

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