The Preemptive Hangover Solution

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Ritual Zero Proof Alcohol Free Gin Alternative Lemon Drop Non-alcoholic Gin

We’ve all woken up on Sunday morning with regrets. Head spinning. Still wearing last night’s make-up. A half-eaten bag of McDonald’s we can’t account for. We’ve all wished we could hop in the time machine and return to Saturday at 8pm to confront our former selves. With bags under our eyes, we’d scream “This is what you become!” We’d plead with that person to have just a few less drinks. Maybe even none at all.
But sadly, we’re stuck in the present. Today is today, and we’re just going to have to zombie-walk our way through it and try to produce words that don’t sound like grunts.
Now, here we are again. Another Saturday at 8pm, another fork in the road. We want to be productive tomorrow, but damn if it isn’t hasn’t been a long week. Haven’t we earned a moment of reprieve? Yes. But with Ritual, we give you the option to experience the pleasure of a cocktail, but with non alcoholic spirits like our non-alcoholic gin. There’s still a chance to claim your weekend and not worry about tomorrow.
If you’ve set out for a sober night but are still feeling the pull to drink, the best thing to do is focus on the positives. You’re going to sleep better without the booze. You’re more likely to make that morning workout and get a head start on Sunday cleaning. And sustain that level of productivity through the day.
Now do all of those benefits outweigh the pleasure you’ll get tonight? It’s up to you to run that cost-benefit analysis. Maybe it’s a fully sober night. Maybe it’s one drink less than usual. Whatever your decision, Ritual is here for you.


750 ml | 25.4 fl oz
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