The Easiest Diet Hack: Mix In A Mocktail

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If you’re like us, you’ve probably experimented with a few different diets over the years in efforts to drop a few pounds. But you don’t have to eat like a caveman or go on a master cleanse to live a healthier lifestyle. Reducing your alcohol consumption, or cutting it out altogether, is a simple and proven path to a leaner waistline. 

Alcohol is full of empty calories that take up space without offering any nutritional value. In fact, it’s #2 on the list of the most calorie-dense nutrients around, second only to fat. Most whiskeys, gins, and tequilas contain around 100 calories per serving. On the other hand, our Gin Alternative and Tequila Alternative are completely calorie-free, and our Whiskey Alternative has only 10 calories in a full pour. Even a single serving of alcohol per day can have a dramatic effect on your calorie intake. And those extra calories can lead to weight gain, regardless of the carb count.

Alcohol also slows down fat-burning, because the body prioritizes it for metabolism. When you should be burning off extra carbs, protein, and fat, alcohol cuts right to the front of the line. That means everything else gets stored as fat tissue, resulting in excess body fat. Alcohol also has a negative impact on your organs. In the liver, a decrease in fat breakdown can lead to an accumulation in triglycerides, which can result in fatty liver disease. This greatly affects your ability to metabolize and store carbohydrates and fats, which can make it very difficult to lose weight. Alcohol also prevents normal digestive function, causing stress on the stomach and intestines. This can lead to impaired digestion and absorption of nutrients, throwing off your body’s ability to regulate its weight. 

Alcohol consumption also has a trickle-down effect on many other aspects of your well-being. It can cause sleep deprivation, leading to an imbalance of hormones connected to hunger and energy storage. It also has a variety of negative effects on the immune system, increasing risk of serious infections. And as alcohol lowers your inhibitions, you’re more likely to place that late-night Postmates order. Though we’ll admit that on some nights, we’ve made that decision completely sober. And finally, but perhaps most importantly, drinking less reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer. Hard to argue with that.

We make it easier than ever to reduce your alcohol intake. With our zero proof spirits, you can still find comfort in your favorite cocktails, without the booze. Using our Ritual Tequila Alternative, Ritual Gin Alternative, and Ritual Whiskey Alternative in place of liquor, you can easily whip up your go-to beverage with simple 1:1 substitutions. This does not mean you have to cut out alcohol altogether. For many, there’s still a time and place to indulge in a hard drink. But with Ritual, you always have the option to make a healthier choice. 

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