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If you’ve ever found yourself looking a tad ghostly the morning after a night of heavy drinking, you’re probably aware that alcohol can have an undesirable effect on your skin. But the long term effects of alcohol on the skin go far beyond the pale hangover. We’ll walk you through some of its detrimental effects and show how limiting your alcohol intake can lead to a booze-free glow. 

One of the most visible effects alcohol has on your skin is dehydration. When the liver metabolizes alcohol, it releases a toxic byproduct called acetaldehyde. This causes the body tissue and skin to become dehydrated, which make your wrinkles and pores appear more visible. This could be the culprit behind that morning-after breakout.

 As a diuretic, alcohol also increases the production of urine. This causes skin cells to lose water rapidly, leading to dry skin and dullness. Your skin loses its natural plumpness and healthy glow, appearing red, ruddy, or pale. While the effects of dehydration on your skin usually fade after a few days of drinking, over time they can lead to permanent damage and wrinkles. 

When alcohol enters the body, it releases a histamine that dilates your capillaries, resulting in inflammation or redness of the skin. This is less than ideal, as inflammation is the second major cause of skin damage, behind only the sun.

 Alcohol also causes or worsens rosacea, a condition of redness and visible blood vessels in the face. In some cases rosacea can manifest as red, pus-filled bumps. No thanks! Alcohol can also worsen pre-existing skin conditions like acne. In the long term, persistent drinking can cause these dilated blood vessels to accumulate and lead to permanent redness in the face. 

 Finally, as a toxin with next to no nutrient value, alcohol leads to decreased liver function, reduced immunity, hormone disruption, cell damage, and insulin issues — all of which lead to poor appearance, quality, and aging of the skin. 

 So what happens when you begin to cut out alcohol? Even a few days after drinking, your skin is still experiencing its own kind of hangover, as it works to rehydrate its cells. After a week without booze, your skin will have a more hydrated look. After a month, your skin will have less swelling and a more even tone, and appear even more hydrated. After a year, much of the damage done to the liver is repaired, which greatly improves its ability to detoxify the body. That gives your skin a more radiant, glowing look.

Even if you don’t decide to completely cut out the booze, it’s easier than ever to reduce your alcohol consumption. With our zero proof spirits, you can still enjoy a sophisticated adult beverage with the taste and pleasant burn of liquor. Using Ritual Tequila Alternative, Ritual Gin Alternative, or Ritual Whiskey Alternative in place of liquor, you can mix up your favorite cocktails with simple 1:1 substitutions. Even the decision for one sober night a week can lead to a more youthful glow, and even more importantly, a healthier body.

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