Non-Alc Options For An Inclusive Baby Shower

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So you’ve been tasked (honored!) with planning a friend or family member’s baby shower. You want to strike that perfect balance between celebrating the mother-to-be and keeping the other guests entertained. It’s never a good idea to leave mom-to-be hanging while everyone else lines up the tequila shots. Also let’s face it, this is a baby shower, so you don’t want things getting too rowdy, regardless. You’ll need some booze-free options, but ones that won’t suck the life out of the party. So whether you’re throwing a completely dry event, or you just want an exciting alcohol alternative for mom-to-be and other non-drinking guests, we have your back. 

With Ritual, you can whip up sophisticated zero proof cocktails with the same taste and burn of alcohol, without the booze. That means margaritas, gin fizzes and whiskey sours are all on the table. And we mean literally. We recommend a designated mocktail table with a few different options. Pre-mix a few batches of your favorite cocktails with fruit and ice, and they will complement the rest of your spread perfectly. 

Even if the party isn’t completely dry, consider kicking things off with a mocktail toast that includes mom-to-be and all party attendees. That way she doesn’t feel left out, and the guests who are drinking can feel free to imbibe afterward. You can also include mom-to-be in any baby-themed drinking games! Take the classic “Drink up, baby!” -- fill baby bottles with your favorite alcohol free beverages and see who can down them the fastest. 

And of course, there are plenty of other ways for mom-to-be to indulge. Consider ordering catering from her favorite restaurant, or tracking down her favorite foods and sweets. You can even make a playlist featuring her favorite songs. And if you’re going completely dry and worried about keeping the guests entertained, games and activities are always a good route. Put together a trivia game featuring little known facts about the parents. Engage their creativity by having them decorate diapers or plain onesies.  Or even enlist guests to write down words of wisdom for the baby. However much alcohol you decide to provide, there are always other options for marking the moment. 

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