Booze-Free Tips For Gender Reveal Parties

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So you’ve decided to throw a gender reveal party. You have your sonogram photo sealed tightly in its envelope, and you’re ready to start planning the perfect reveal. But you want a party that will be just as exciting for mom-to-be and the other non-drinking guests. Whether you opt for a fully dry event or simply feature some exciting non-booze options, Ritual is here for you. 

Pink and blue drinks are a common staple of gender reveal parties. So why not make them mocktails, or at least provide a separate table for NA options. With Ritual Zero Proof, you can enjoy elegant zero alcohol cocktails that have the taste and aroma of spirits but none of the booze. Try our Ruby Rose Spritzer for the pink drink and our All Day Marg with some blue food coloring for the blue one. Premix a large batch of each and display them on a table in large pitchers or beverage dispensers.

Even if the party isn’t completely booze-free, consider kicking things off with a mocktail toast that includes mom-to-be and all the party attendees. That way she can feel like she’s in on the action, and the drinking guests can feel free to indulge afterward. And now, mom-to-be can be included in any gender-themed drinking games! Try “Gender Reveal Mocktail-Pong,” an NA riff on beer pong. Using clear plastic cups, fill up nine with the blue mocktail and nine with the pink.  Then line up each color on opposite sides of a table and play with your standard beer pong rules. 

If you’re going completely and dry and are concerned about keeping your guests entertained, you can also find other ways to indulge and play. Include a nice spread of food and desserts. Consider having guests dress up in a “Wear Your Guess” theme. Put together a raffle where everyone places their guesses in respective bowls. Then after the reveal, pick a name from the winning bowl and provide the winner a small prize.

Gender reveal parties don’t have to be an all-day endeavor either. The sweet spot is right around an hour. Once the big reveal happens, you can let guests know they’re off the hook (without kicking them out of course). So whether you go totally or partially dry, there are plenty of NA ways to throw an exciting gender reveal party. 

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