5 Easy Ways to Drink Less and Feel Your Best

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5 Easy Ways to Drink Less and Feel Your Best

We all have rituals that fill our days. A coffee in the morning. A feel-good song in the shower. A perfect lunch routine. And for many of us, an evening cocktail is an unbreakable ritual that sets the rhythm of our day. The act of mixing, shaking and sipping a great drink is a welcome release — mental and physiological — that marks a transition from work to home.

But while a moment of relaxation does wonders for the mind and the soul, a daily drink can take a toll on the body. So, how do we care for our bodies without giving up our cocktail hour? It’s time we rethink our ritual, and Ritual Zero Proof’s non-alcoholic spirit alternatives can help. Complex blends of botanical extracts deliver the experience of tequila, gin, whiskey and rum  minus the alcohol or calories. All the beverage without baggage.

Here are five reasons to rethink your cocktail ritual in 2022:

1. It’s as easy as 1:1.

When it comes to your ritual, you want to change as little as possible. The whole point is to lose the drawbacks without losing the experience. That’s why Ritual’s non-alcoholic spirits are designed to be used just like traditional liquor. It couldn’t be easier  simply substitute Ritual for gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey. 

If you know how to make an Old Fashioned, a Margarita, a G&T or a Rum & Coke, you know how to make a non-alcoholic version. It’s everything you love about your daily cocktail ritual, without the harmful effects. Talk about a life hack.

2. You’ll enjoy the party, even without the social lubricant.

Ever go to a party and decide to take a break from alcohol for the event? Everyone has a drink in hand. Holding, swirling, sipping  they have something to punctuate a moment between gregarious laughter… or awkward pauses.
Meanwhile, you’re wondering, what should I do with my right hand? Pocket? Hip? Soda? But swap in a non-alcoholic cocktail and you suddenly feel a part of the action.

And you don’t just have a glass of something, either. You have a satisfying cocktail that elevates the whole experience. No more club soda blues, or unwanted questions... at least as they relate to your drink.

3. You just might experience a natural buzz.

Our brains are hardwired to reward themselves. Frequently, that takes the form of a cocktail. But that doesn’t always mean we want the alcohol. Often, we just want the experience  the ritual (wink wink) of preparing and measuring, shaking and straining, holding and sipping.

In fact, you may find that after a few sips of a Ritual cocktail that you feel more relaxed, looser, more fun. How could that be? No, your friends didn’t slip you the real stuff. Studies show that the experience of drinking a non-alcoholic cocktail triggers a placebo effect that leaves you feeling looser and more relaxed. Science, FTW!

4. You’ll be a better host.

Now that we’re gathering again (hallelujah!), we’re back to shopping for larger groups.

A good host takes care of all their guests. But with 52% of adults actively trying to drink less, and 30% not drinking at all, odds are you have someone at your gathering who wants a non-alcoholic option.

Next time you’re shopping for a group, pick up some non-alcoholic options like Ritual’s tequila, whiskey, gin or rum alternatives. You’ll unlock an endless range of classic mocktails for those abstaining, and offer great third-drink options for those who want to keep the party going, without going overboard. You’ll be the toast of the non-drinkers, and a trailblazer to everyone else. Don’t be surprised if they rethink their rituals, too.

5. You’ll find a sense of balance.

Research shows that consumers of non-alcoholic products typically fall into one of two categories  those who celebrate a sober lifestyle and those who are trying to cut back. The majority of us fall into the latter group, and don’t want to swear off alcohol entirely. So, how do we find a happy middle ground? It’s all about incremental change.


According to psychologists, major lifestyle changes are best done in small ways that allow you to gradually develop new habits and accomplish smaller, more realistic goals. So, as we pursue more balanced drinking, we’re hanging on to what’s familiar and comfortable  the taste and experience of a great cocktail   while reducing the alcohol. Turns out, you can have your cocktail and drink it, too.

When you swap Ritual Zero Proof in for a full proof cocktail, there’s no shortage of options to enjoy. Try all four premium spirit alternatives, and find the ones that will make a permanent home on your bar cart.

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Looking for some non-alcoholic cocktail inspiration? Browse these recipes and let your inner mixologist run wild.

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