3 Keto-Friendly Drink Recipes

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3 Keto-Friendly Drink Recipes

Of all the big diets right now (including Paleo, Noom, Carnivore, Vegetarian, and more) one of the most popular without question is the ketogenic diet. People across the country and the world have tried and favor the ketogenic diet for the rapid weight loss many experience.

So what exactly is the ketogenic diet (or “keto”)?
It’s important to have a basic understanding of what the ketogenic diet is and how it works when you’re considering making it a part of your lifestyle. All foods can be broken down into macronutrients, which are the largest nutritional parts of an item of food. Macronutrients (or “macros”) are broken down into protein, carbs, and fat. Each gram of one of these corresponding macros is associated with a caloric value. For instance, one gram of protein equates to about 4 calories, one gram of carbs equates to about 4 calories, and one gram of fat equates to about 9 calories.
Keto works by limiting your total net carbs to about 20 grams a day, with the rest of your diet being comprised of protein and fat. Your body, on an extremely limited supply of carbohydrates, begins to burn fat as a primary source of fuel. The rapid weight loss is a result of your body burning body fat in order to function. Though some will go low carb to lose a few pounds here or there, others choose to make low carb or keto a permanent part of their lifestyle. 
What does limited carb intake look like?
Depending on your diet, most people cut out the obvious carbohydrate-rich culprits: pizza, bread, pasta, and other carb-dense sources of food. But one thing many don’t often think about is the reduced sugar intake, especially in the case of their alcohol consumption.
The good news is that Ritual Zero Proof offers premium non-alcoholic spirit alternatives that allow people to enjoy their favorite drinks without most of the carbs. 
If you’re trying keto, it’s important to give yourself a treat now and again to stay on your dietary path. Here are some great low-carb cocktails that can be made with Ritual Zero Proof liquor alternatives!

Maple Rum Old Fashioned
This all-time classic can be enjoyed all year long and made keto-friendly with just a few changes. You will need two ounces of Ritual’s Rum Alternative with a half ounce of a sugar-free maple syrup, combined with three to five dashes of bitters. Mix thoroughly over ice, pour into a lowball glass, and garnish with a cherry, orange peel, or both.

All Day Margarita
Enjoy a summertime favorite without the carbs. Use Ritual’s Tequila Alternative which only has 1 total net carb per serving. Then, simply swap out the simple syrup and squeeze the juices directly from the fruit and suddenly you’ve got yourself a non-alcoholic, keto-friendly margarita!

Rum and Coke
Enjoy this simple favorite without the guilt of sugary carbs or hangover! The ingredients are in the name. Mix two ounces of Ritual’s Rum Alternative with five ounces of sugar-free Cola. Add a lime for garnish and enjoy this easy-sipping classic.
The keto diet can be difficult to maintain at first, but a drink using Ritual’s liquor replacements and low/no sugar mixers can help you along your health and wellness path without busting your carb goal!

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