As the non-alcoholic beverage category continues to experience rapid growth, a need has emerged to create an association that brings together key players in the industry.

We are excited to announce the creation of ANBA – the Adult Non-Alcoholic Beverage Association, of which our CEO, David Crooch, is the Vice Chairman and Ritual Zero Proof is a founding member.

ANBA will be the leading voice in advocating, educating, and bringing together producers and industry stakeholders to share ideas and resources, drive innovation, and collaborate to grow the adult non-alcoholic beverage ecosystem.

The formation of the ANBA is a significant milestone for the industry and provides a strong foundation for the growth to come. Ritual Zero Proof is proud to be a part of ANBA, along with all our fellow NA beverage producers!

Want to learn more about ANBA? Visit the ANBA website to become a member, learn about the organization’s goals and review the latest industry news.