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You're taking a break
from booze

A day, a week, or a month - our

bodies need time to reset. That

doesn't have to suck.


You’re dieting

Low and no cal. Low and no carb.

Trim from the edges of your diet,

not the center.


It’s 1 AM on a Saturday

Keep the party going,

and keep your head.


You’re training

Hello, energy, hydration, and recovery.

Swap out the booze and crush the workout.


You’re pregnant

It’s a magical, beautiful, “holy crap,

this lasts forever” time. You

deserve better than fruit juice.


It’s 5 PM on a Tuesday

You want to unwind with a drink.

Take a load off, and let the placebo

effect take hold.


You’re a human who sleeps

Sleep deeper. Have more energy.

Be better at… well, everything.


You have vital organs

They’ll like you better if you

mix in a mocktail.


You use your brain

Regulate emotion and

improve cognition when you

swap out the hard stuff.


You’ve got sh*t to do!

Living like there’s no tomorrow

is actually pretty bad advice.


Ritual is crafted, not distilled — meaning no alcohol ever.

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It took hundreds of iterations to perfect our recipes. We learned how to blend jambu and prickly ash, how to extract the essence of blue agave, reduce the oil in juniper, and heighten the perfume of pine. We sought guidance from master chefs and held tasting sessions for Chicago's best bartenders. The result is a spirit alternative that delivers the flavor and experience of the original, without the alcohol.

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Ritual Tequila Alternative

604 reviews

The highest rated spirit alternative ever, certified 98/100 Platinum by BTI.

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Regular price

Ritual Rum Alternative

135 reviews

Warm vanilla, toasted spice, and the velvety decadence of a dark rum.

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Regular price

Ritual Whiskey Alternative

437 reviews

The perfect complement to a good book or a good friend.

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Ritual Gin Alternative

322 reviews

The only thing more refreshing than a gin cocktail is three gin cocktails.

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Your Favorite Cocktails,

No mystery flavors or new-age snake oil. Nothing to learn. Do you like an Old Fashioned? A margarita? A G&T? Simply replace traditional spirits with Ritual to make a non-alcoholic version, or swap out half of the hard stuff for a low abv version. It’s as simple as that.

Balance Your Bar Cart

At Ritual, we believe in balance. You’ll find both beef and plant-based burgers in our shopping carts. We aren’t gym rats, but we aren’t sedentary creatures either. And we enjoy a full proof cocktail as much as anyone. Life is full of choices, and we choose more. More fun. More health. More love. More life.

Your New Party Trick

With so many reasons to enjoy a zero proof cocktail, chances are you’ll have a guest at your party who opts for a low or no alcohol drink. So any well-stocked home bar should have a non-alcoholic option. With Ritual, you can make the cocktail of the evening for every guest that walks through your door.

You’ve Got a Friend

...who could use a non-alcoholic option. Looking for a badass baby shower gift for the margarita momma to be? A healthier G&T for your healthier friend? A Father’s Day gift that’ll make a New Fashioned believer out of an Old Fashioned lover? Give Ritual. Get praise.

Female Founded.
American Made.
Proudly Small.

From our Chicago stovetop to its place on your home bar, Ritual is and always has been a labor of love. Two of our founders are married. Many of us are longtime friends. When you email us, you get a person. When you share us on social, we share back.

Okay, but it can’t really taste the same!

Truth. The same way you can tell the difference between almond milk and cow’s milk, between a plant based burger and, well, a cow.

But at the end of the day, both deliver terrific experiences. Don’t believe us? Believe these folks...

If you're not happy, shoot us a note to and we'll make it right.

If you're not happy, shoot us a note to and we'll make it right.

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